On 22nd October 2016, SkyBlue burst forth onto the Cambridge scene, with an inaugural event, meticulously planned and executed in true SkyBlue style. In keeping with our belief that SkyBlue is all about Relationships, we chose, for this day, to focus on “The Beauty & Complexity of The Therapeutic Relationship" and its key note speaker to be the eminent Professor Michael Jacobs.

From the outset our hopes and aspirations for this event were far beyond the wish to offer counsellors the opportunity of a few hours for their CPD portfolios. The intention was to create an awareness and understanding of the values of SkyBlue, to convey a sense of SkyBlue as synonymous with quality and dedication as well as providing a day of truly stimulating conversation and connection.

The day was brought to a close with some very generous words of appreciation, support and encouragement for SkyBlue from our invited guests Dr Adrian Jackson Senior Clinician, Psychological Service, NHS England (IAPT) and Gerry Wilmore Head of Professional Standards, The National Counselling Society.