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For the Therapist

If you are looking to establish yourself in private practice or to accrue clinical hours towards BACP Accreditation, SkyBlue may be able to help. Counsellors wishing to join us will need to commit to the following requirements;

• To offer a minimum of four counselling hours per week for a minimum of one year. These hours are determined wholly by the counsellor, prior to allocation of clients and may be changed at any time to suit the counsellor.

• To enter into a contract for supervision with a SkyBlue supervisor. The amount of supervision required is dependent on your experience, but at least one hour per fortnight, and will be charged at the supervisor’s usual rate for supervision.

• You must be willing to provide low fee counselling, between £20 and £35 per session. For each new referral a fee equivalent to the cost of one session will be payable by the counsellor to SkyBlue following the first session.

If you would like to apply, please download our PDF form. If you are offered a place at SkyBlue following the selection process, new clients will be referred to you and your time at SkyBlue will begin.