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Reasons for Counselling

You may be concerned about your emotional health and well-being. You may be facing a difficult situation or dilemma. You may be experiencing relationship difficulties or aware that your life is not how you would like it to be. You may feel ready to take the first, courageous step towards discovering more about yourself.


Counselling therapy can attend to many different problems whether current or in the past; feelings of being out of control – anxiety and stress – inability to relax – confusion – feelings of exclusion and of being misunderstood – unwanted repetitive thoughts or behaviours – sense of loss – feelings of isolation, inadequacy or worthlessness.

Understanding & insight

Therapy is interested in you, your mind, feelings and behaviours, in relation to yourself and in relation to others. By sharing your worries, you can gain insight into the problems you face and discover a new understanding about how you can ease your symptoms.

Choice and Change

An intention of therapy is the recognition of you as a unique individual. Developing self-awareness in therapy can enable you to make choices and changes in your life that suit you and help you find ways to cope.

Clarity and Direction

Therapy can enable you to see things differently, giving you a new perspective on your life and your behaviors’. Exploration of your ideas, emotions and significant life experiences, can help you identify feelings and reactive patterns of behavior. Therapeutic support in developing ways forward, towards resolution of difficulties, can provide a sense of direction and purpose in life.

Confidence & Assertiveness

Therapy recognises that a safe and steady foundation from which to develop your self-awareness and self-confidence, is necessary for you to discover a new, creative energy and meaning in your life. The therapeutic relationship can hold all possible anxieties and emotions that may arise for you, as you begin to engage with others assertively; as yourself.