Safe hands.

You can put your principles in a match box, but what fills the whole room are your instinctive responses...

John Berger
What we do

Establishing a private therapeutic practice can be an isolating and challenging pursuit; sometimes feeling insurmountable. SkyBlue seeks to nurture counsellors within a supportive and intimate environment enabling them to flourish in their professional life.

By embracing SkyBlue and its philosophy, you will be part of a thoughtful, caring and dedicated professional home that seeks to work with you to develop your internal identity as a therapist.

We humbly and respectfully bring our experience and expertise to the supervisory space, providing inspiration and nourishment. We embrace, with enthusiasm, new ideas and innovations and aim to encourage a sense of pride and integrity within the therapeutic profession.

This is an opportunity to gain experience of non-time limited, paid clinical work with adults, children and couples where training and skills permit.

With the support and guidance of highly experienced and well established professionals, you will gain hours towards the process of accreditation and the development of your own private practice. If you wish to practice in Cambridge and require premises, SkyBlue will provide access to the consulting room.